Guesthouse Edition

In a span of less than a decade, the guest house industry of Maldives has flourished as one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, in addi on to bringing a wave of wealth to local communi es. Maldives Travel Awards has been recognizing the success of this sector with exclusive categories, introduced every year.

To cater the demand with emerging businesses in this sector, MATATO in 2017 is introducing, Maldives Travel Awards: the Guesthouse Edition, a special event to celebrate the outstanding performance in this sector.

In addition to the current categories for guesthouses MATATO will be bring a total of 15 categories for this edi on.

How it Works

Step 1 Nominate


As a general criteria, to get nominated guesthouses and related travel businesses must be registered in Maldives with a service record of at least one (01) year in opera on.

Companies can compete their brands in more than one category.

For certain categories, specific criteria needs to be met. Please refer to the category details to check the eligibility for nomina on.

How to Nominate

Nominations will be accepted from Travel Agents, Travel Organiza ons, and registered travel businesses in Maldives. Travel Businesses can also be self-nominated, in categories they fit to compete.

Nominations for Guesthouse Island categories must be sponsored and submi ed by the Island Council.

Nominations for Maldives Travel Awards Guesthouse Edi on are collected via email and online pla orm,

To nominate you can either email us the stamped nomina on form (select the relevent Nominations form from page 8, 9, 10 and 11) to [email protected] or use the website applica on tool to send us the applica on online.

Step 2 Shortlisting

At this stage Nominations in each category will be evaluated, and shortlisted to five contenders in each category based on their review ra ng on TripAdvisor.

Exclusive review ra ngs provided by TripAdvisor will be used for evalua on scoring and short-lis ng in categories specific to guesthouse properties.

Top 05 rated proper es (based on user reviews) will be shortlisted.

Step 3 Popular Vote

Shortlisted proper es will then be announced and featured for popular vote.

Votes are collected through SMS and through online vo ng portal on MATATO website and promoted on Travel Awards social media platforms.

SMS and online votes will account for 60% of the total scoring.

Votes will be collected for a period of one month prior to Award night.

After online voting closes, winners will be selected based on their Tripadvisor ra ng (40%) combined with online and SMS votes (60%)

Award Categories

Guesthouse Categories

1. Leading Guesthouse

Criteria: Minimum one (01) year in Operation

2. Leading Food & Beverage Guesthouse

Criteria: Minimum one in-house restaurant with a certified Chef
Supporting documents: Restaurant portfolio, with details on menus that are offered

3. Leading Guesthouse / Diving and Watersports

Criteria: Must have a dive center or water sports center that is operated either by the guesthouse or for the guesthouse by a second party. Dive Center must employ at least one certified dive or watersports

4. Leading Eco-friendly Guesthouse

Criteria: Use of eco friendly technology & innovations to elevate the standard of service Minimum one sustainability project executed during the year.

Supporting documents: Details of initiatives and activities toward sustainability

5. Leading Heritage Guest House

Criteria: Integration of Maldivian Culture and heritage into Service
Opportunities for travelers to learn, experience and engage in cultural activities.

6. Leading Adventure Guest House

Criteria: Opportunities for travelers to learn, experience and engage in tailored adventures Properties must provide sports and adventure activities

7. Most Innovative Guesthouse Concept

Criteria: Modern deĢcor and contemporary design that complements with the island life
Use of modern technology and innovations to elevate the standard of service

Island, Brand & Sevice Categories

8. Leading Guesthouse Brand

Criteria: Minimum 02 properties with one year operations record operated under the brand management

9. Leading Transport Service Provider

Criteria: Provide Transportation service to minimum 02 islands supporting guesthouse business.

10. Leading Guesthouse Island

Criteria: This nomination must be sponsored by the Island council
Minimum three guesthouses in operation on the island

11. Leading Beach Island

Criteria: This nomination must be sponsored by the Island council Minimum three guesthouses in operation on the island

Awards Selected By MATATO

The following categories recognise the outstanding contribution to the industry and to Maldives Travel Awards. Winner in these categories are selected by MATATO.

13. Leading Business Development Partner for the Guesthouse Industry

14. New Comer of the Year

15. Most Supportive Guesthouse

Terms & Conditions

Entrants must be either registered and/or providing travel services in Maldives.

All entrants must have a service record of at least 12 months at the me of applying. Nominations will be collected through online nominations portal only.

Whereas properties are nominated by a second party or MATATO, those properties will be informed and requested to submit a signed nomination form as their consent to participate in the Awards.

Nomination applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Images and informa on that you send us will be used by us for any purpose, will not be subject to confiden al treatment and may be disclosed by us without further consent from par cipants.

Should there be any informa on changes on the side of the par cipa ng property, this should be emailed to [email protected] in order to update the company profile.

Should any information changes (e.g. Contacts, name, changes, category changes) not be Communicated with the Maldives Travel Awards, we will not be held responsible for outdated Information on profiles.

Winning properties agree to offer 05 room nights at the property, on all inclusive basis to be utlized by MATATO events.