The Premier Travel Event of Maldives

Maldives Travel Awards - is the prize created to celebrate the commitment, Excellence and Expertise in the Maldivian Tourism Industry.

First launched in 2012, Maldives Travel Awards celebrates the 7th Anniversary in 2018, and we are proud to bring you the most prestigious and sought after recognition in the travel and tourism sector.

The annual gala night for Maldives Travel Awards marks the premier night of excellence in the travel industry of Maldives.

Maldives Travel Awards is a product of Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, MATATO.

Exclusive for resorts, hotel, liveaboard and airlines, Gala Edition of Maldives Travel Awards features 25 categories. This edition explores the full range of the tourism businesses, and provide a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of tourism industry in Maldives.

The annual gala night for Maldives Travel Awards marks the premier night of excellence in the travel industry of Maldives, bringing together the largest club of travel professionals and executives for an evening of celebrations.

How it Works

25 award categories are featured in this Edition.

Nominations are submitted by travel agents and hoteliers.

Winner are selected on combination of scores sourced from a panel of judges – representing travel industry d professionals - and popular vote (collected via online and SMS).

Award Categories

Product & Service

  • Leading Private Island
  • Leading luxury Resort
  • Most Romantic Resort
  • Leading Family Resort
  • Leading Designer Resort
  • Leading Meeting & Conference Resort

Beach & Water

  • Leading Beach Resort
  • Leading dive resort
  • leading surf resort
  • Leading dive/watersports center

Wellness & Spa

  • Leading Wellness and Spa Resort
  • Leading Wellness and Spa Brand


  • Leading International Carrier
  • Leading Local Carrier
  • Leading Low Cost Carrier

Brand & Management

  • Leading Local Hotel/Resort Brand
  • Leading International Hotel/Resort Brand

Food & Beverage

  • Leading Food and Beverage Resor
  • Leading Food and Beverage outlet (bar/restaurant)

Responsible Tourism

  • Leading Eco Resort
  • Leading CSR Program
  • Leading Human Resource Management


  • Leading Liveaboard
  • Leading Liveaboard Brand

Award Presented by MATATO


Selected by MATATO, Awarded to the most promosing new destination in Maldives.


Selected by MATATO, Awarded to a resort/hotel brand or property that demonstrates strong and productive commitment to sustainable tourism.


Selected by MATATO, Awarded to an individual or a company with outstanding service and performance contributing to the growth of the industry


Selected by MATATO, Awarded to most supportive resort to local travel agents.


Selected by MATATO, Awarded to an individual or a company to encourage and recognize excellence in the field of travel and tourism research, and marketing.



As a general criteria, to get hoteliers and related travel businesses must be registered in Maldives with a service record of at least one (01) year in operation.

How to Nominate

To nominate, use the nominations application on Maldives Travel Awards website,

Hoteliers can nominate themselves in more than one category.

Winner from the previous year (2017) are automatically nominated to their respective winning categories.

Once submitted, nominations will be confirmed with a verification email.

Selection of Winners

Winners of Maldives Travel Awards Gala Edition are selected with a combination of ratings given by a panel of judges - representing travel industry professional - and traveler’s popular vote collected through online and sms platforms.

Winners will be scored in two stages, onsite presentations scored by a panel of judges and second, the 40 percent of the score provided by popular vote.

Ratings by judges: 60%

Online voting: 40%

Winners in following categories are selected by popular vote only.

  • Leading International Carrier
  • Leading Local Carrier
  • Leading Low Cost Carrier

Judging Panel

Comprising of 08 members, panel of judges for Maldives Travel Awards 2018 will be appointed by the executive board of MATATO.

Judges will be selected among travel professionals, with local international expertise, representing key sectors and institutions of the travel industry.

Members of the judging panel will be announced at the completion of nomination process.

Selection of Winners Product Presentation

After completion of the nomination process, each nominee will be asked, to prepare a presentation in respect to their nominated category, which will be presented to the judges, on site at the property.

(note: There is no standard format to the presentation. Your presentation can be a video, a PowerPoint presentation or on-site demonstration of the products or services. However judges should be presented with a brief factsheet of the island)

A team of 03 judges will be travelling to each nominated property.

At this stage judges will be looking at the commitment to continually improving your products and services to meet market needs. Providing services and amenities that stands out from your competitor. Unique and signature experiences or products that stands out from your competitors. Examples of excellence across as many areas of tourism practices as possible Contribution to responsible tourism, community engagement/integration and social inclusion.

Selection of Winners Popular Vote

At the completion of nomination process, simultaneously with the judging process, confirmed nominees will be announced and featured for popular vote

Votes are collected through SMS and through online voting portal on MATATO website and promoted on Travel Awards social media platforms.

SMS and online votes will account for 40% of the total scoring. Votes will be collected for a period of two months prior to Award night.

Terms & Conditions

There are NO fees or charges attached to participation or nomination in Maldives Travel Awards.

Entrants must be either registered and/or providing travel services in Maldives.

All entrants must have a service record of at least 12 months at the time of applying.

Nominations will be collected through MTA website,

Nominations can also be completed on the online nomination application.

Nomination applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Images and information that you send us will be used by us for any purpose, will not be subject to confidential treatment and may be disclosed by us without further consent from participants.

Should there be any information changes on the side of the participating property, this should be emailed to in order to update the company profile.

Should any information changes (e.g. Contacts, name, changes, and category changes) not be communicated with the Maldives Travel Awards, we will not be held responsible for outdated Information of profiles.

Travel arrangements for the panel of judges including 04 members, should be arranged by the nominating property.

Each nominee should have a designated person to coordinate with MTA team for scheduling of presention visits.

Presentation visits will be conducted over a period of 45 days, from 15th July to 30th August 2018. All presentation visits must be scheduled before 30th August 2018. Failure in delivering presentations to the judges may result in elimination.

Winning properties agree to offer 05 room nights at the property, on all inclusive basis to be utilized by MATATO for marketing purposes.